Haunted House News:  This will be your last year in having Kim's Krypt in Dundalk. Have you found a new location for next year, and do you have any special memories running your haunt in Dundalk?

Kim Yates:   We have not found a new location yet but we are looking if anyone has land, property or a big scary building at least 7,000 SF. There are so many great memories. One of the best was when I had to play a wedding with my band Scaret Angel but I showed up to the Krypt and went through with the last group. I had my friend Rita fill in as me for the evening. She had my severed head, black curly wig, robe, make up, blood and all. She did an awesome job. I was very proud of everyone and was actually suprised at how great everything looked from a different perspective. Most of my actors didn't even know it was me, I had my Kim's Krypt hoodie up trying to blend in.

Haunted House News:  Out of all the owners I met, you clearly have the most love for the haunted attraction industry. You are probally the most famous name when it comes to haunted attraction events in Maryland. When you were younger, did you ever dream you would have a haunt as big as it is now?

Kim Yates:  
No, not at all. I always loved halloween, horror and scaring people, creating scenes and the rush of it all. I started decorating more and more of the yard, trees, windows, roof, and the lines just started growing so me and some friends started scaring people and it developed that way. I met some incredible actors, fx, make up and builders along the way to make Kim's Krypt Haunted Attraction what it is today.

Haunted House News:   Of all the haunts I visited last year, you clearly have the best actors and actresses I have seen. A few of them even appeared on the "Chainsaw Sally Show" which I am a big fan of. Is there a secret to getting so many talented people, or is it just good training once the agree to join Kim's Krypt?

Kim Yates:   I feel there is a place for everyone at the Krypt. Some of the stronger actors have been with me for years and others just grow and develope over time. I push for perfection and explain the scare and scare again tactic. It's about the total package as well, most of the volunteers that we get have horror in there heart like I do, or at least a bloody heart, yum!

Haunted House News:  My review group was blown away last year when we visited. It was clearly one of the funnest haunts we visited. I know this is the last year for you all in Dundalk, so you probally want to go out with a bang. What can we expect this upcoming season?

Kim Yates:  This October is the Karnival of Karnage. Clowns, mazes, chainsaws, and some big surprises. Some of your favorites like Scary Jerry the beefcakes are even more menacing that ever. Sally Sue is now a year older and wants to share some bloody cotton candy with you if you are good! More scares, more creatures, more energy and yes, more blood.

Haunted House News:  Is there anything you want to add? It can be on any subject or topic, this is your chance to say anything you want.

Kim Yates:  Thanks to all of the Krypt volunteers for a great 17 years and hopefully we will find new place for 2011. Also thank you for the great interviews and your cotinued support. All of the fans, supporters, sponsors and contributors. Check the website for future events, car shows, my 68 Black Caddy Hearse that you can rent for proms, weddings or any occasion. Parades (we took 3rd this year in the Dundalk Parade and 1st in the Rosadle parade). Birthday parties at the Krypt have been a blast and this is your last chance to have one up untill December 2010. www.kimskrypt.com
Thanks and stay scary.
Kim's Krypt
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