We here at haunted house news, have opted to start doing year round blogs, and front page stories starting this January. We will follow some haunted house attractions in the off-season, as they prepare for the big October.
Also, new in 2011...we will be following ghost hunting groups, doing a few ghost hunts ourself, and we will following the Hollywood Horror industry, with exclusive actor interviews, and updates on the lastest horror dvd's.
Its going to be BIGGER AND BETTER in 2011. Please join us. And we want to thank YOu the readers for following us.
On saturday night October 2nd, I had another opportunity to review one of my all-time favorite haunts. It is Nightmares From Elmridge. This was probally my 8th time visiting this place, and my 2nd as a media writer. It is located in Arbutus, Md. It is considered the best UNDERGROUND haunt in Maryland. I have always loved how you have to go downstairs upon entering this haunt. It is truely a "MUST SEE" haunt.

I have to admit, this was by far their best year to date. I have always been a huge fan of haunted house events, strictly for its original art work inside the rooms. It has been a love of mine since I was a kid. Nightmares from Elmridge just has that family feel to it. They truely are a last of their kind. I feel this may be the only TRUE Classic Haunted House remaining. When I say classic, I refer to the old days, when they were very creepy, and it has a rare style, you WONT see any where else.

Once again this year, it scored very well. It scored all 9's by my review team. It clearly is one of the "Top 3" haunted attractions in Maryland. I have been trying to do my best to promote this haunt for some time now. I have stated on the record several times "This is Marylands BEST KEPT Haunt Secret". Its time for YOU to no longer make it a secret.

It is fun from start to finish. It truely is a rare to be able to visit this style of a haunted house. I continue to rave, how it is underground, and has that classis scare effect. For more info on this legendary haunt, visit the official Nightmares From Elmridge website by clicking on this link http://nightmaresfromelmridge.com/  

WOW! I have been to some great haunted houses in my life. But when I came to Kim's Krypt this week for OUR 2010 review of the place...we never knew it would be this good. As we 1st entered the haunted attraction, we were greeted by the "Haunt Legend" herself. Kim talked about her love for the haunt industry, and about a comment she posted on her facebook page.

That comment was "Everything that I am, everyday, all of the time, promoting, selling, pusing, creating. Everything I wear, the car I drive, my pets, friends, my love starts TONIGHT. Kim's Krypt Haunted Attraction. More than just a Haunted House. Horror is in my Heart. I love this and LIVE this everyday. Can you love somthing this much?... I do, this is MY favorite time. Thanks for sharing that with me".

I always have stated that Kim Yates, just loves this industry more than any owner I have ever met. And covering the haunt industry, I have met lots of owners. We recently went to a multi-million dollar haunt just last week. And it was NOT as good as Kim's Krypt. YOU, will not find better actors in any haunt in America.

Tonight, I did something I have never done in my life while at a review. I stopped and clapped after leaving several rooms to the actors. This is truely the best haunted house in America! I DARE you to even attempt to find a better one. Scary Jerry, Sally Sue and company are the best actors in the haunt industry. I wish I knew all their names just so I can give them the credit they deserve.

Kim's Krypt is just off the charts this year. I am actually a little speechless. It clearly is the "Best Haunted Attraction in Maryland" and WILL win our 2010 award. You need to go down to the Krypt and experience this for yourself! I want to end this blog...by standing up and giving KIM and her entire crew a standing ovation!  You all are the best Maryland has to offer, and maybe America as well!
I have to admit, I was very excited to have another opportunity to visit our #1 Ranked Haunted Attraction in America once again this year. We were invited back to there "Hospitality Night" by owner Jim Schopf on saturday night, Sept.18th.
This year, I decided to take 3 new review members with me. I wanted to see if they too, would be blown away as me and my group were last season. I took my media photographer Tim Conway(no relation to the actor) and my cousin Trina and her boyfriend Robbie.
I learned maybe I will never buy myself a GPS lol. As it took us 3 hours to get their, when it should have been 1 hour. That GPS lady kept giving us the wrong directions. I can happily say we got home in less than a hour, without GPS. To me, coming from Baltimore, it makes it a nice little fun trip. Everyone should really make the short 55 minute trip to see Field Of Screams. I would mention to my review group in my Jeep, you WILL jump, you will be afraid at one point or another.
Once we got there, we met Jim Schopf and his brother, who are 1st Class all the way.
Every year, they give out free food to media writers, and other people who do buisness with them. They open their doors for us....and there is a REASON! They Have NOTHING to hide. This place once again delivered! Once again visiting this place, it quickly reminded me why I have went on record and called this place "The Walt Disney World of Haunted Attractions".
I have been a haunt fan, way before I ever seen my name in a newspaper or a blog. And this place is #1 in America for a reason. Last season, a Maryland haunt(wont name them) bragged they would destroy Field of Screams. Alot of Maryland haunt fans, said this OTHER place was amazing. Well unfortunalty, we went to Field of Screams 1st last year. When I visited that OTHER place, I wanted to ask them for a voucher to cover my gas, after I seen their haunted attractions. How could I be so DUMB, to even believe them? It was like night and day.
Field of Screams would score perfect 10's ONCE again this year for me and my new review group. It is once again a strong favorite to repeat as our #1 Haunted Attraction in America. I seriously HOPE you readers take my advice on Field of Screams. Just the overall value is amazing. Especially for my Baltimore residents. Take the nice scenic drive to Pa, and visit this place one weekend. I can tell you one thing, YOU wont find a funner place in America! Now go to the gas station, fill up your tank, and go visit this place!!
 Haunted House News:  This will be your last year in having Kim's Krypt in Dundalk. Have you found a new location for next year, and do you have any special memories running your haunt in Dundalk?

Kim Yates:   We have not found a new location yet but we are looking if anyone has land, property or a big scary building at least 7,000 SF. There are so many great memories. One of the best was when I had to play a wedding with my band Scaret Angel but I showed up to the Krypt and went through with the last group. I had my friend Rita fill in as me for the evening. She had my severed head, black curly wig, robe, make up, blood and all. She did an awesome job. I was very proud of everyone and was actually suprised at how great everything looked from a different perspective. Most of my actors didn't even know it was me, I had my Kim's Krypt hoodie up trying to blend in.

Haunted House News:  Out of all the owners I met, you clearly have the most love for the haunted attraction industry. You are probally the most famous name when it comes to haunted attraction events in Maryland. When you were younger, did you ever dream you would have a haunt as big as it is now?

Kim Yates:  
No, not at all. I always loved halloween, horror and scaring people, creating scenes and the rush of it all. I started decorating more and more of the yard, trees, windows, roof, and the lines just started growing so me and some friends started scaring people and it developed that way. I met some incredible actors, fx, make up and builders along the way to make Kim's Krypt Haunted Attraction what it is today.

Haunted House News:   Of all the haunts I visited last year, you clearly have the best actors and actresses I have seen. A few of them even appeared on the "Chainsaw Sally Show" which I am a big fan of. Is there a secret to getting so many talented people, or is it just good training once the agree to join Kim's Krypt?

Kim Yates:   I feel there is a place for everyone at the Krypt. Some of the stronger actors have been with me for years and others just grow and develope over time. I push for perfection and explain the scare and scare again tactic. It's about the total package as well, most of the volunteers that we get have horror in there heart like I do, or at least a bloody heart, yum!

Haunted House News:  My review group was blown away last year when we visited. It was clearly one of the funnest haunts we visited. I know this is the last year for you all in Dundalk, so you probally want to go out with a bang. What can we expect this upcoming season?

Kim Yates:  This October is the Karnival of Karnage. Clowns, mazes, chainsaws, and some big surprises. Some of your favorites like Scary Jerry the beefcakes are even more menacing that ever. Sally Sue is now a year older and wants to share some bloody cotton candy with you if you are good! More scares, more creatures, more energy and yes, more blood.

Haunted House News:  Is there anything you want to add? It can be on any subject or topic, this is your chance to say anything you want.

Kim Yates:  Thanks to all of the Krypt volunteers for a great 17 years and hopefully we will find new place for 2011. Also thank you for the great interviews and your cotinued support. All of the fans, supporters, sponsors and contributors. Check the website for future events, car shows, my 68 Black Caddy Hearse that you can rent for proms, weddings or any occasion. Parades (we took 3rd this year in the Dundalk Parade and 1st in the Rosadle parade). Birthday parties at the Krypt have been a blast and this is your last chance to have one up untill December 2010. www.kimskrypt.com
Thanks and stay scary.
Kim's Krypt
 When it comes to finding the "ULTIMATE" Haunted Attraction, then look no further than Field of Screams(Pa.). Their website boasts it, and so do we, they are "The #1 Haunted Attraction in America" and they are miles ahead of the competition! Last season they easily took the top prize. Rooms are designed better than some Hollywood horror sets. Actors are very energetic. And most importantly, the atmosphere is perfect. This is the "Walt Disney World of Haunted Attractions". I recently has the chance to interview Jim Schopf again this year, without further due, here is his interview....

Haunted House News:  My review group was blown away last year, when we visited your Field of Screams(Pa.). We named it the "Best Haunted Attraction in America" and it was clearly the most fun I had all last year. I had a chance to quickly talk to 2 other media members(one of them a haunt website) before I entered your 2 haunted houses and haunted hayride, and they both told me off the bat"this is the best haunt you will ever see". I almost felt like I was in a horror movie inside your haunted houses. I admit, I jumped too many times to remember, and I DONT jump inside other haunted houses, etc. Did you and your brother design the Field of Scream haunts, and if you had to pick "one reason" for the success to Field of Screams, what would it be?

 Jim Schopf:  Well, first off Tim, I appreciate all the good things that you have to say about Field of Screams. It’s just not an event that we throw together at the last minute or start working on over the summer.  Each year the Field of Screams event is a result of a full year’s worth of effort put forth by our entire 6 person design team along with numerous other cast members who volunteer their time to make the show and set design the best it can be.  Success is a result of a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and hard work.  We put our time in to Field of Screams.  You can tell when you go to a haunt that is just thrown together and whoever puts it on is just out there to try to make a quick buck.  We take pride in our product and we are glad to hear from people like you that it shows.  To answer your question, my brother Gene and I designed much of the original Field of Screams, and each haunt.  After a few years of success we were fortunate to hire our lead set designer and control specialist Jeremy Spickler.  He Is now a major contributor to the overall set design, scare tactics, scenes, costuming, and make up.

Haunted House News:   I seen the Channel Travel Show they did on your Field of Screams. If I am correct, I think you said, somebody told you at a picnic or family and friends get together, you and your brother should turn your farm into a haunted attraction. Before Field of Screams, what type of work were you doing, and the person who recomended that to you, was that the best advice you ever recieved?

Jim Schopf:  You are correct.  The idea for Field of Screams was created a family picnic.  A friend suggested that since we have a farm, we should put on a haunted hayride.  At first we thought it might be the worst advice we ever received but we soon realized differently.  When Field of Screams began in 1993, I was a student at Millersville University and my brother was a high school school teacher.  My brother and I were also operating a produce farming business that we began 10 years before that.  I finished my college education and also began teaching high school.  Gene and I both went on to earn our Master’s Degrees in Education.  We were also still farming at that time and continue to farm until this very day.  We eventually needed to quit our teaching jobs in order to focus on Field of Screams and our farming business.

Haunted House News:  I allways say, Field of Screams is more than a haunt. You have a huge following. On your facebook fan page, there are several people who have Field of Screams tattoos. When you started Field of Screams did you ever think it would be this big?

Jim Schopf:  Field of Screams is much more than just a haunt.  We have a HUGE following of fans and dedicated actors that love to be a part of what we do.  Aside from the haunt there are special events that happen every weekend at Field of Screams.  Like I said earlier, the only reason we began Field of Screams was because a friend of ours coaxed us into doing it.  But we don’t do anything without putting our heart and soul into it.  So even though we didn’t imagine Field of Screams would become as big as it is today, I’m not surprised that people love it as much as they do.  I believe in what we are doing and I am passionate that Field of Screams is “America’s #1 Haunted Attraction”.  As far as the tattoos, that is never something I imagined would happen.  I never thought in a million years that so many people would be walking around with Field of Screams tattoos.  Just a few days ago, one of my Haunted Hayride Tractor Drivers came up to me and showed me his back.  He has his entire back filled with Field of Screams.  It is awesome.  It’s not up on Facebook yet but keep looking.  They are also getting posted on our website.

Haunted House News:  I know every year you try to change up the theme in your haunted houses, and haunted hayride. What can fans expect for this upcoming season?

Jim Schopf:  Everyone knows that we change things up at Field of Screams.  The entire atmosFEAR of the Entertainment Area has changed and undergone vast improvements with theming and décor.  There is a new Cemetery in the Hayride as well as a completely new Clown Fear House in the Hayride.  The buildings have had rooms gutted and redone as well.  Due to the fact that our entire haunt is set up year round, we have tons of detail put into each room and set.  Customers can go through the same building twice in a row and see tons of new things that they didn’t see the first time because there is so much going on.

Haunted House News: Is there anything you would like to add? It can be on any subject or topic.

Jim Schopf:  Check out our new website, www.fieldofscreams.com.  We hope you like it and find it better than the old site.  Be sure to come out and visit Field of Screams this year.  Many people didn’t get a chance to come out last year due to the bad weather in October.  Due to popular demand we added an extra weekend to our season this year.  This season we will be open Friday and Saturday November 6 and 7.  Also, Eddie Munster will be out at FOS to sign autographs on Sept 18th and Oct 22nd.

We are back!! Thats always good news, for it means the 2010 Haunted Attraction season is almost underway. This season, we once again will bring you reviews of all the haunted attractions we visit, as well as interviews from the "TOP" Haunted Attraction owners, and actors for this upcoming season.
Other Haunted House News sites, JUST give reviews. We bring you much more. We will be once again going to Field of Screams in Pa, which is WON our "Best Haunted Attraction in America" in 2009. This is one haunt YOU CANNOT MISS in 2010.
Also, I plan on doing some more volunteer work at Bedlam in the Boro in Lineboro, Md. It won our 2009 "Best Haunted Attraction in Maryland". Their "House of Horrors" is as scary as you will see in Maryland. It features several little rooms, filled with some talented actors...me included lol!
Other notables last season was Kims Krypt! They may have the best actor group we have seen. These actors are so good, several of them have performed on the "Chainsaw Sally Show".
My favorite little haunted house last season I visited was clearly "Nightmares from Elmridge". It is inside a dark, deep cellar, and is one of the most unique haunted houses you will see. The actors bring on!
This season, I will be checking out some new places as well. Last years haunt season, was by far the funnest time I ever have had while doing a media assignment. I love sports, am knows as a sports writer here in Baltimore, I have appeared in all the major newspapers here, at one point or another. I feel I bring the most experience when it comes to experience.
My goal is to help give the haunt industry the respect they deserve. The owners, and actors are some of the most talented people you will ever meet. I was very impressed after meeting several of them last season. I also was very thankful to have the chance to visit there haunted attractions. I will be posting at least 3 new blogs a week on this section for the next 3 months. So check it out. Also, I will be updating the pages of the haunts listed as time gets closer. Haunted House News on the Weebly website...it will be a screaming good time!
Last year, when we first created "Haunted House News" one of the haunts we were most looking forward to was Nightmares from Elmridge in Arbutus. I had been there a few years prior, and I was always blown away at the creativity they use. It is truely "Baltimore's BEST HAUNTED Secret"! Of almost 15 different haunts we visited, Nightmares from Elmridge finished in the top 5! It got higher marks from our review group than several bigger, higher budget haunts! Located in Arbutus, this is one haunt YOU need to visit this October! I recently had the chance to talk to Robert Vaccaro again, this time to discuss the upcoming 2010 Nightmares from Elmridge haunted attraction. Here is what he had to say....
Haunted House News:  When my review group made plans to visit your haunt(Nightmares from Elmridge) last year, we knew it would be good. BUT once we got there, we were blown away. In my opinion, you have the BEST FAMILY HAUNT(people of all ages can go, families, etc.) in Maryland. You had one of the highest scores from my review panel as well. Going into that cellar to see your haunt, is clearly the most original haunted attraction people will see. In your opinion, do you think you have the perfect spot for a haunted attraction?

Robert Vaccaro Jr.: Yes, we believe it is a prime spot being in an old cellar, but it is a challenge to come up with new scenes every year to adapt to our location.

Haunted House News:   I know running and owning a haunt can be year round work. Around what month do you start prepairing for the upcoming Haunt Season?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : .We meet year round to come up with new ideas, but the actual work starts at the end of July.

Haunted House News:  Last year, Maryland had some severe rain on the last 2 weekends of October. I volunteered at another haunt them 2 weekends, and they saw a huge loss of customers from them bad rain storms. You are opened rain or shine. Did that rain hurt buisness last year?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : We actually benefited from the rain last year for two reasons; we are an indoor event and we set up tents to protect our patrons from the rain.

Haunted House News: We will post a link to your site as well, but for haunt fans wanting to come see Nightmares from Elmridge this year, can you give us the dates you will be open as well as this years prices?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : We will be open Fridays and Saturdays thru Oct. with the exception of Halloween weekend, we will be open Thursday thru Sunday.Prices this year will be $8 for adults and $5 for kids (same price as last year..economy is bad we want folks to come out and have a good time at a reasonable price)

Haunted House News:  The thing that seperated your haunt from others, was the enthusiasm of you and your actors, and you had the most original rooms I saw last year on my haunted attraction tour around the Maryland, Pa. area. What can we expect this year, will there be new themes, etc.?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : Always new themes, we pride ourselves on that after 11yrs. As always folks will get their moneys worth.

Haunted House News:  Is there anything you would like to add? It can be on any subject or topic, its your chance to say anything you would like.

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : We are able to run again this year because of the dedication of our volunteers, families, and friends. We are fortunate enough to be able to give donations to local charities. We hope that folks share our love for the Halloween season and come out and support us! Also, we now can be found on Facebook and folks can look forward to and upgraded website in the near future.
The new New facebook page link is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arbutus-MD/Nightmares-from-Elmridge-Haunted-House/135808569787743?v=wall

Also visit their website http://www.nightmaresfromelmridge.com/