Last year, when we first created "Haunted House News" one of the haunts we were most looking forward to was Nightmares from Elmridge in Arbutus. I had been there a few years prior, and I was always blown away at the creativity they use. It is truely "Baltimore's BEST HAUNTED Secret"! Of almost 15 different haunts we visited, Nightmares from Elmridge finished in the top 5! It got higher marks from our review group than several bigger, higher budget haunts! Located in Arbutus, this is one haunt YOU need to visit this October! I recently had the chance to talk to Robert Vaccaro again, this time to discuss the upcoming 2010 Nightmares from Elmridge haunted attraction. Here is what he had to say....
Haunted House News:  When my review group made plans to visit your haunt(Nightmares from Elmridge) last year, we knew it would be good. BUT once we got there, we were blown away. In my opinion, you have the BEST FAMILY HAUNT(people of all ages can go, families, etc.) in Maryland. You had one of the highest scores from my review panel as well. Going into that cellar to see your haunt, is clearly the most original haunted attraction people will see. In your opinion, do you think you have the perfect spot for a haunted attraction?

Robert Vaccaro Jr.: Yes, we believe it is a prime spot being in an old cellar, but it is a challenge to come up with new scenes every year to adapt to our location.

Haunted House News:   I know running and owning a haunt can be year round work. Around what month do you start prepairing for the upcoming Haunt Season?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : .We meet year round to come up with new ideas, but the actual work starts at the end of July.

Haunted House News:  Last year, Maryland had some severe rain on the last 2 weekends of October. I volunteered at another haunt them 2 weekends, and they saw a huge loss of customers from them bad rain storms. You are opened rain or shine. Did that rain hurt buisness last year?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : We actually benefited from the rain last year for two reasons; we are an indoor event and we set up tents to protect our patrons from the rain.

Haunted House News: We will post a link to your site as well, but for haunt fans wanting to come see Nightmares from Elmridge this year, can you give us the dates you will be open as well as this years prices?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : We will be open Fridays and Saturdays thru Oct. with the exception of Halloween weekend, we will be open Thursday thru Sunday.Prices this year will be $8 for adults and $5 for kids (same price as last year..economy is bad we want folks to come out and have a good time at a reasonable price)

Haunted House News:  The thing that seperated your haunt from others, was the enthusiasm of you and your actors, and you had the most original rooms I saw last year on my haunted attraction tour around the Maryland, Pa. area. What can we expect this year, will there be new themes, etc.?

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : Always new themes, we pride ourselves on that after 11yrs. As always folks will get their moneys worth.

Haunted House News:  Is there anything you would like to add? It can be on any subject or topic, its your chance to say anything you would like.

Robert Vaccaro Jr. : We are able to run again this year because of the dedication of our volunteers, families, and friends. We are fortunate enough to be able to give donations to local charities. We hope that folks share our love for the Halloween season and come out and support us! Also, we now can be found on Facebook and folks can look forward to and upgraded website in the near future.
The new New facebook page link is

Also visit their website
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