On saturday night October 2nd, I had another opportunity to review one of my all-time favorite haunts. It is Nightmares From Elmridge. This was probally my 8th time visiting this place, and my 2nd as a media writer. It is located in Arbutus, Md. It is considered the best UNDERGROUND haunt in Maryland. I have always loved how you have to go downstairs upon entering this haunt. It is truely a "MUST SEE" haunt.

I have to admit, this was by far their best year to date. I have always been a huge fan of haunted house events, strictly for its original art work inside the rooms. It has been a love of mine since I was a kid. Nightmares from Elmridge just has that family feel to it. They truely are a last of their kind. I feel this may be the only TRUE Classic Haunted House remaining. When I say classic, I refer to the old days, when they were very creepy, and it has a rare style, you WONT see any where else.

Once again this year, it scored very well. It scored all 9's by my review team. It clearly is one of the "Top 3" haunted attractions in Maryland. I have been trying to do my best to promote this haunt for some time now. I have stated on the record several times "This is Marylands BEST KEPT Haunt Secret". Its time for YOU to no longer make it a secret.

It is fun from start to finish. It truely is a rare to be able to visit this style of a haunted house. I continue to rave, how it is underground, and has that classis scare effect. For more info on this legendary haunt, visit the official Nightmares From Elmridge website by clicking on this link http://nightmaresfromelmridge.com/  

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